In the modern corporate world, every woman wants to get ahead. Whether you’re in human resources, accounting, marketing, or any other field – it’s vital to perform well, learn more about your position, and use this knowledge to move up within your company.

However, it can be hard to move up and it’s essencial to get to know where to start in order to maximize your chances of career advancement – especially if you’re a woman in an executive position.

Even today, women are often overlooked when it’s time to promote someone within a company. So, how can you show the hierarchy that you’re ready to assume more responsibility, and move forward within your company? What are the basics to prepare for a career move in your company?

Whether you’re a powerful woman in an executive position, or just starting your career, it’s never too soon to start preparing for a promotion. You have to start before you start!

Step 1. Define Your Desired Career Move – and Assess the Skills You Need

The very first thing you need to do is examine two aspects of your career – where you are, and where you want to be. You need to understand not only your current role, but also the role you wish to assume someday.

By doing so, you can assess the skills you’ll need to be promoted. Think of this as planning a sort of “roadmapping” session. Without a map, you can’t understand where you are – or where you want to go!

Once you’ve defined the position you wish to achieve, you can begin creating a list of the skills you’ll need to get promoted.

Step 2. Create a Development Strategy to Develop Your Skills

After you’ve completed Step 1, it’s time to begin the process of developing yourself in your company. This process will help make you an ideal candidate for your goal position.

After you have a list of skills required for promotion, compare these to the skills that you already have – and begin planning a personal development strategy to help you gain or improve these skills.

For example, if you are a web developer and you wish to move into a project management role, you’ll need to learn a lot about things like Agile development, Waterfall, team management skills, roadmapping and scheduling, and so on. Consider also soft skills.

Through personal reading and company development programs (if available), you can deepen your knowledge and develop your skills – making you a better candidate for your ideal position.

Step 3. Get Involved in Cross-Functional Projects to Show Your Skills

It’s not enough to simply have new skills. You have to show your new skills off to supervisors, coworkers, and colleagues. Getting involved in cross-functional projects is a way to do it – you can show your strength and ability, and prove that you’re qualified!

Best of all, by stepping slightly outside of your typical role within your company, you can show your supervisors and other associates that you’re ready for promotion, and you’ve developed skills that will be very useful in a new role.

Step 4. Expand Your Influence and Presence Within Your Company

This step is quite important. Even if you’ve got great skills and have worked on a number of cross-functional, interdepartmental projects, you may still need to be your own PR a bit, especially if you’re more shy or reserved at work.

As you attempt to secure a more high-level position within your company, you’ll need to expand your influence to get properly recognised by your colleagues and hierachy.

Start by spreading a more positive and assertive attitude, that will certainly resonate to others.

Follow These 4 Steps – and Prepare for a Promotion!

With these steps, you can further your skills in the workplace, and be your own best advocate! By understanding your desired position, developing the skills you need for the desired job, and expanding your influence within your company, you’ll get on the right track to find success – and be able to move another rung up the corporate ladder!