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About me


I'm Cristina Correia.

I'm really happy you're here!

Cristina Correia, Boldher

And I think I might know a thing or two about you...

You’re a talented, high potential and driven woman working your way at what you consider a great career. You're the go-to person in your team, a go-getter who isn’t afraid to work hard and go the extra mile for a project or company you believe in. You get it done, and you get it done well. You are dedicated. In fact, maybe you work a little too much... You invest a lot of your time helping the team and taking care of others, making sure things get doneBut, well, you have your expectations and you hope to get what you put in, you expect you'll be rewarded for your dedication and accomplishments! You are aiming for a next-level.

But the thing is, is not the first time that you are overlooked for a promotion or a project...

And, yes, you experience some tough moments when you feel underappreciated... although you really like what you are building in your company and in your career. And you really feel you got what it takes! You have the skills and potential to go bigger and make a bigger impact!

But sometimes you feel you are invisible to the decision makers. You don't feel your voice is properly heard...

You feel like you're taken for granted and lacking recognition. And you start doubting:

Have I done all I could to reverse this?

Will I ever get recognition at this company?

What should my next step be?

Am I truly valuable AT ALL?

I'm here to tell you that you can transform your situation to finally achieve higher levels of impact and success, and escape the invisibility trap. You can become the shining corporate voice you know you can be. With flow, authenticity and assertiveness.

A little more about me:

I'm a career acceleration coach who loves seeing women succeed! I created Boldher as the expression of a mission to contribute to gender equality, by supporting women's corporate rising

My work brings together practical, science-based career advice for women on the rise. My approach is both data-driven and intuitive, grounded in evidence and facts, while embracing our humanity, vulnerability and authenticity.

As a (previous) woman in the corporate world, I felt and lived a lot of what you are experiencing. I’ve felt stuck, undervalued, unrecognised, doubting myself and my choices. Feeling this way led me on a path of career and self development.

And it turns out, my search for happiness at work and work-affirmation, led me to my biggest personal breakthroughs and ultimately to my purpose of empowering other women to career thrive on their own terms.

But, of course, my 12+ years of corporate experience are not enough, per se, to help other women in career progression matters. My experience was the necessary background to understand this issues and address them systemically, plus I had a good basis with having a degree in Organizational Psychology, and I built on it. Deepening the work and research in this subject to give the best advice and guidance to women who deal with challenges related to affirmation and assertiveness at work.

It’s been more than 7 years since I work in career development and, by far, working with women is the most rewarding part of all. Based out of Portugal, a nation with strong roots of fearless discoverers, I have had the opportunity to work with phenomenal women who, in return, inspire me everyday!

You might wonder, why am I not working at corporate world right now? My development journey took me to this point where I'm truly fulfilled empowering other women to succeed (and feel fulfilled, on their terms!). My role is no longer to be at the spotlight, but to help other women shine and positively impact the corporate world.

In a more personal facet of my life, my favorite things to do right now are walking in nature (lot's of green, please, and sea), cooking sugar-free cakes and dance (ok, you can lock me at home, but you can't take dance away from me!).

Cristina Correia

I'm on a mission  to empower women to raise their corporate voices.

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